11 Nov 2022

ASAPbio competition: Make your negative result a preprint winner

The competition is open to any papers communicated first as a preprint and published between 1 January 2022 and the closing date of 14 January 2023.



Do you have data buried in your lab notebooks that did not prove your hypothesis but would be useful to your scientific field? Or perhaps inconclusive results due to technological limitations which would be relevant for others to avoid duplicating efforts?

Then we encourage you to share your work as a preprint and submit it to our competition! 

Through our competition, we want to celebrate the value of negative/null scientific results and the use of preprints to share that important work with the community. The winners will receive a $1,000 reward and be highlighted in a series of ASAPbio blog posts.

Read all about it at asapbio.org/competition2022.  

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