06 Jun 2023
by Rebecca Ellerington

SEB Contributes to CaSE's Report on Essential Skills for a Thriving UK Research Sector

Our Outreach, Education, and Diversity Manager, Rebecca Ellerington, recently attended the CaSE Skills Workshop held on Tuesday the 21st March.

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The workshop, organised by CaSE (Campaign for Science and Engineering), aimed to explore and identify the crucial skills required to foster a more research-intensive United Kingdom. It provided a unique platform for representatives from various scientific organisations to come together and contribute to the collective goal of advancing the UK's research sector. During the event, the OED manager actively participated in discussions, sharing insights on behalf of the SEB and our members.

As a result of the workshop, CaSE has released a comprehensive report, highlighting the key findings and recommendations. The report delves into the critical skills necessary for the UK to maintain and strengthen its position as a global hub for scientific research and innovation. Our OED manager's contribution focused largely on the importance of promoting diversity within the scientific community, ensuring accessibility and inclusiveness was considered from the very early stages of upskilling and education focused projects. These aspects were identified as vital components for fostering a more inclusive and impactful research environment.

The report serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, industry leaders, and educational institutions, providing actionable insights to guide the development of policies and strategies aimed at supporting a research-intensive UK. It emphasises the need for sustained investment in skills development, fostering collaboration between academia and industry, and ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals interested in pursuing a career in science and engineering.

SEB remains committed to advancing these key recommendations by leveraging our existing outreach, education, and diversity programs. By aligning its efforts with the findings of the CaSE report, SEB aims to play an active role in strengthening the UK's research sector and nurturing the next generation of scientific talent.

For more information about the CaSE Skills Workshop and to access the full report, please visit the links below:

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