Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a controlled and respectful presence of external media, including photographers, at SEB events. This policy outlines guidelines for capturing photographs and other media during SEB events to protect the privacy and security of participants, while also promoting a positive experience for all attendees.


This policy applies to all events organised or hosted by the SEB (“event organisers”) and extends to all participants, including staff, speakers, vendors, and attendees.




1. Prior Approval

a. External media, including photographers, must obtain prior approval from the event organisers before capturing any photographs or media at the conference. They should provide relevant details about their intent, equipment, and areas they wish to access.

b. Organisers reserve the right to deny media access if it conflicts with the objectives, privacy concerns, or security requirements of the event.

e. Media representatives should raise any concerns with your direct contact who you will be issued prior to the event.


2. Identification

a. All authorised external media personnel must wear visible identification badges or lanyards, as provided by the event organisers, at all times during the conference.

b. Unauthorised individuals found capturing media without proper identification will be asked to cease their activities or may be asked to leave the event premises.


3. Respect for Privacy and Consent for Individual Shots

a. External media personnel must respect the privacy and personal space of conference attendees, speakers, and staff.

b. Photographers are prohibited from taking photos in private or sensitive areas such as toilets, changing rooms, or designated off-limit zones such as the SEB staff office.


4. Consent and Release

a. As event organisers, SEB shall clearly communicate to attendees that photography and recording may occur during the conference.

b. Participants will be given the opportunity to opt-out of media capture or notify organisers if they do not wish to be photographed or included in any media coverage. Individuals who have opted out will be identifiable by a coloured lanyard (usually red) and the event organisers will highlight the identification method used to media representatives during the badge collection and registration.

c. Approved external media personnel may capture photographs or media of large groups or crowds during the conference without obtaining individual consent. However, if media personnel wish to capture shots of specific individuals, they must obtain the explicit consent of those individuals before doing so. It is the responsibility of the media personnel to approach individuals and seek their consent for any close-up or focused shots.

d. Photographers should refrain from taking pictures or capturing any media without the correct consent.


5. Professional Conduct

a. External media personnel must conduct themselves professionally at all times during the event and abide by the SEB code of conduct.

b. They should not disrupt conference proceedings, interfere with speakers, or cause any inconvenience to attendees.

c. Photographers should not obstruct walkways, pathways, or create hazardous situations while capturing media.

d. It is the responsibility of media personnel to have appropriate insurance coverage for themselves and their equipment while participating in the event. SEB accept no responsibility for personal belongings or professional equipment at the conference venue.


6. Intellectual Property Rights

a. All intellectual property rights to the captured media remain with the event organisers.

b. External media personnel should seek permission from the organisers before using or publishing any conference-related media for commercial purposes.

c. The event organisers have the right to review all photography and media captured by external media personnel before its publication and may exercise their discretion to determine the suitability and appropriateness of the photographs or media in line with the objectives and values of the conference.


7. Enforcement

a. Event organisers and designated staff will monitor compliance with this policy.

b. Violators of this policy may be asked to cease their activities, surrender media, or leave the event premises, depending on the severity of the violation.


Review and Updates

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with changing event requirements and privacy regulations. Updates may be made as necessary, and all participants will be notified of any changes.


By adhering to this policy, we aim to create a safe, respectful, and enjoyable conference environment for all attendees while preserving their privacy and rights.




Notice to attendees who do not wish to appear in photographs.


Wearing a specific colour lanyard (usually red) at our conference will signal to photographers that you do not wish to appear in any photographs. All media personnel and photographers are fully aware of this policy and will make their best efforts to respect your preference by ensuring you are not included in group shots.


Please note the following guidelines:


Assessment and Checks:

a. Our media policy means SEB reserves the right to assess all photos before their publication. We will do our best to ensure that individuals wearing a "No Photos" lanyard do not appear in any photographs. If we notice you have been unintentionally included in a photo, SEB will request the photographer to either edit the image to remove you or utilise a different photo.


Anonymity and Non-identifiability:

a. If photographs are taken in which individuals wearing a "No Photos" lanyard appear, they will be taken in such a way that their faces or any identifying features are not shown. However, it is important to note that in wider shots, where capturing a large group or crowd is the objective, complete avoidance of being in the background may not be possible. Rest assured, photographers will focus on the main subject and the lanyard will indicate your preference.


By wearing the "No Photos" lanyard, we aim to provide you with a greater sense of privacy and control over your appearance in conference photographs. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to approach a member of our staff, who will be happy to assist you.


Thank you for your cooperation in making our conference a respectful and enjoyable experience for all attendees.