Osmoregulation Interest Group Convenor

The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) welcomes applications for the role of Osmoregulation Interest Group Convenor within the Animal Section.

Osmoregulation Interest Group Convenor Nomination form

About the Animal SeCTION

As one of the 4 sections run by the SEB (plant biology, animal biology, cell biology and SEB+), the Animal Biology Section promotes the development and communication of research in Animal biology.

The SEB organises international conferences covering diverse areas of modern Animal science.

Each year the Animal Biology Section organise a series of scientific sessions as part of the SEB's Annual Meeting. The Animal Biology Section also organise satellite meetings each year which are attached to the SEB Annual Meeting as well as a symposium every two years.

The Animal Section has a number of special interest groups covering different areas of Animal biology. Interest groups are scientific themes that represent the interests of SEB members. The interest groups help to organise sessions at our Annual Meeting and our Symposia. Each interest group is headed by a group convenor and the group convenors make up the SEB Animal Section Committee.


Term time: 3 years

Start Date: November 2019

A group convenor is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of an “interest group” within a Section.

The role offers a great opportunity to directly influence and drive forward the area of science you are interested in. Most importantly the role offers opportunity to evolve the science and make connections between your discipline and other areas of science within the remit of the SEB. You will have the opportunity to meet with other members of the Society and broaden your network and connections as well as your scientific knowledge.


  • The Osmoregulation Interest Group Convenor should be a person with a track record in the field of osmoregulation
  • Interestedin influencing and shaping the field of osmoregulation
  • Interested in directly influencing the activities of the SEB within the Animal Section
  • Evidence of effective abilities on communication and networking
  • Evidence of involvement with other Societies or scientific organisations and groups (desirable)


    Key Responsibilities

  • To attend two Animal Section meetings per year in March and November
  • To contribute to the Annual Meeting of the Society by:
    • soliciting and encouraging proposals from the osmoregulation community for sessions at least every two years
    • working collaboratively with all convenors within the Animal Section
    • providing feedback to members on session proposals
    • overseeing the progress of sessions organised within your interest group
    • promoting sessions within your professional network
    • arranging to meet with researchers in your group when attending the Annual Meeting
    • soliciting feedback from your group about the meeting and the Society in general
    • helping networking of early career scientists at the meeting
  • To encourage group members to submit proposals for symposia and satellite meetings
  • To actively engage members and the wider community and encourage them to get involved in the activities of the group, Section and the SEB (i.e. attend conferences, propose meeting topics etc).
  • To identify and develop links with groups outside the Society
  • Co-ordinate satellite meetings from time to time
  • To work closely with the Interest Group Deputy Convenor in driving the interest group and Section activities forward. If a deputy convenor is not in place to assist with nominating one.
  • To actively promote the Society’s activities and membership of the Society
  • To actively support the Society’s strategy and the objectives of the Animal Section
  • To promote and actively support the Society’s journals
  • When attending SEB Events or Section meetings to adhere to the Society’s Code of Conduct

Time commitment

About 2 weeks spread over the year.


This post is not remunerated but the Society will reimburse travel, accommodation (if applicable) and subsistence for attendance at Section meetings.


Deadline for applications: 6 September 2019

Please complete the Osmoregulation Interest Group Convenor Nomination form.