Plant biology sessions



Access and benefit sharing rights and digital sequence information: building awareness for plant scientists 
Isabel Mendoza Poudereux (The Global Plant Council)
Ros Gleadow 
Session Speakers
Amber Hartman Scholz
David Chagne 
Jane Anderson 
Brad Sherman
Date of session:
Duration: 1    day
Session Description 

With this session we want to raise awareness among plant scientists on obligations with respect to access and benefit sharing rights under the Convention on Biodiversity, the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources, and the Nagoya Protocols on Access and Benefit Sharing. 

There is ongoing international discussion about digital sequence information (DSI) and how it should be covered in regulations for access to biological material and fair and equitable use. Both UN processses under the CBD and ITPGRFA will move forward in May and will potentially reach decisions on DSI with long-lasting implications. 

The definition of DSI and any new requirements for benefit sharing and regulation could have significant impacts on plant research. Will open access to sequence data change in the near future? And is there anything that researchers can do to engage in this process?


Mechanical Ecology - Taking Biomechanics to the Field 

Ulrike Bauer (University of Bristol, UK)
Simon Poppinga (Botanical Garden of the TU Darmstad)

Date of session:

Duration: 2 days

Session   Description 

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Mechanical ecology is an emerging interdisciplinary field at the intersection of quantitative biomechanics and field ecology, at the organism level. The development of ever smaller and more powerful portable devices for measurement and data acquisition has boosted the number of biomechanical field studies in recent years, shedding new light on often neglected mechanical influence factors in ecology and behaviour. This session brings researchers across the traditional plant-animal divide together to explore common interests in field biomechanics, showcase recent scientific and technological advances, and highlight the importance of putting biomechanical mechanisms into a biologically relevant real-world context.


Inclusive nutrition for a sustainable agriculture

Benoit Lacombe
Hatem Rouached, Michigan State University, USA

Session Speakers
Sandrine Ruffel (INRAE Montpellier, France)
Dirk Becker (University of Würzburg, Germany)
Mark Aarts  (University of Wageningen, Netherlands)
Maurizio Chiurazzi (National Research Council (CNR), Napoli, Italy)
José M Pardo (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
Hatem Rouached (Michigan State University)
Erik Limpens (Wageningen University of Research, Netherlands )

Date of Session 

Duration 2 days

Session Description 
With the increase of fertilizer price, the development of organic farming and the pollution of the groundwater on one side and the need to increase yields on the other side, the efficiency of plants to use the available nutrients in the soil should be increase. 
To reach this goal, integrative approaches should be developed because beside their nutritional role, nutrients are also sensed by plants to optimize their growth and development. While the plant response to single nutrient availability have been studied in detail, our knowledge on the molecular mechanism involved in combinatorial nutrient stress is low. 
The effect of biotic interactions in nutrient use efficiencies have been described and several signaling pathwayd have been elucidated. 
Finally, the abiotic environments stresses linked to climate changes and photosynthesis (CO2, light quality and quantity) are known to strongly affect nutrition and nutrient sensing. The understanding of the complexes relationship and feed back effect of these different physiological processes should give new insights for crop improvement.

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