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Mechanical Ecology - Taking Biomechanics to the Field 
Ulrike Bauer (University of Bristol, UK)
Simon Poppinga (Botanical Garden of the TU Darmstadt)
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Duration: 2 days
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Mechanical ecology is an emerging interdisciplinary field at the intersection of quantitative biomechanics and field ecology, at the organism level. The development of ever smaller and more powerful portable devices for measurement and data acquisition has boosted the number of biomechanical field studies in recent years, shedding new light on often neglected mechanical influence factors in ecology and behaviour. This session brings researchers across the traditional plant-animal divide together to explore common interests in field biomechanics, showcase recent scientific and technological advances, and highlight the importance of putting biomechanical mechanisms into a biologically relevant real-world context.


Cell Biology of the Plant Vacuole 
Lorenzo Frigerio
Joe McKenna 
Session speakers
Dr David Scheuring
Professor Eva Stoger
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kleine-Vehn
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Duration:  1
Session Description

The vacuole is one of the hallmarks of the plant cell. Growth, expansion and morphogenesis of every cell within the plant is driven by the vacuole. Furthermore, specialised protein storage vacuoles present within seed cells contribute a very large proportion of animal dietary proteins. Therefore, our understanding of this organelle is extremely important from both a fundamental discovery and applied science perspective. Over the past decade, the application of cell biology to studying the vacuole during growth and development has greatly improved our understanding of its biogenesis, regulation and expansion. We look forward to the community coming together at this session and discussing the latest developments in these exciting areas. 


General cell and plant biology 
Poster Session

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