The SEB's   Empowering Research for Community Impact - OED Symposium will be taking place from 10th-11th September 2024 at   Huxley Building, Imperial College London South Kensington Campus, 180 Queen's Gate,  SW7 2AZ (a campus map is available via this link).

Throughout this event, we'll explore the theme of "Empowering Research for Community Impact" from multiple angles. This includes fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration at an institutional level, engaging with local communities around university campuses, strengthening the connection between academia and the general public, and exploring the diverse perspectives of indigenous and global communities. The primary focus is to bridge the gap between research and the community, support research impact, and empower researchers and the public, showcasing how this impact can be facilitated by the researchers. 

This event will be of particular interest to early career scientists, particularly those from the London Doctoral Partnerships with an interest in experimental biology to highlight their work and its potential area of research impact.

We believe the event will specifically support the work of mixed disciplinary scientists or lecturers who are working in areas of applied biology, policy development or education. The goal of the event is to highlight and encourage networking of early career scientists, and to facilitate better engagement and embedding of these young scientists through workshops. The goal that delegates should leave with is how to promote their research in experimental biology into curriculum projects that can shape educational or social policy.