In regards to Montpellier, you may require a certificate before travel called a sanitary certificate which certifies vaccination. The certificate is required in order to go to public places such as conference centres, cinemas and restaurants where the certificate may need to  be presesnted.  Further information regarding the certificates and the requirements can be found on the French Government site which gives specific information of what measures are required depending on the country of origin.

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Montpellier has a number of public transport options including buses, underground metro, trams and trains.
The city is also one of the most bike-friendly in Europe with many cycling paths.

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With diverse architecture from its rich historical past and a world famous culture with regards to food and wine, there are plenty of ways fantastic ways to spend your spare time in Montpellier, a city that has never stopped growing over the last 25 years .

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The 2022 Annual conference will take place in Montpellier social distancing measures will be implemented throughout the venue. Please click here  to view the requirements for Montpellier before you travel.