12 Sep 2022

Check out our initiatives to celebrate the SEB Centenary

2023 marks 100-years of the SEB. Find information on all the exciting events and initiatives we have coming up next year!

Check out below all the surprises we have for you!


 Events and Initiatives


We are launching a new peer mentoring scheme for members of the SEB to share experiences and help one another grow their careers. This will be a pilot scheme in 2023 with 300 places available. If successful, we are hoping to roll it out further in future years.

Register for the Mentoring Scheme



Join our “party month” in April 2023 and plan a special celebration event at your own institute. The SEB Birthday Fund can provide up to £500 per event to assist with the independent organization of a scientific meeting, networking event, single lecture, or small events such as postgraduate research days to help celebrate the SEB centenary year.

Apply for the SEB Birthday Grant



These are public lectures that will be live streamed from different parts of the world. You will have the chance to hear from experts about how Experimental Biology has contributed and will impact the next 100 years.

More about the Impact Lectures



The Centenary Conference will be held in Edinburgh from 4 to 7 July 2023. The conference will use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to define its sessions.

More about the Centenary Conference



This webinar series is meant to broaden views of careers available in and out of academia to students, ECS and anyone interested in a career change. It will happen throughout 2023.

More about the Careers and Coffee



Join us to improve the visibility of biologists from underrepresented groups on Wikipedia for an entire week in 2023.

More about the Online Edit-a-thon



You can get access to all the Centenary marketing material, including logos and official posters, to spread the word and display on marketing resources for funded events.

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More information about our initiatives can be found in the Centenary page