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Careers in Technology Transfer | Careers and Coffee (February)

Join us for a series of 'Careers and Coffee' monthly talks in 2023 and broaden your view on career possibilities in the field of Experimental Biology.

The Careers and Coffee talks are a free webinar series with a 20-minute talk from an invited speaker covering their career journey, an overview of their role, career prospects, and avenues to get into the field. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

We hope this will give students, early career researchers, or attendees looking to change their career trajectory an idea of the job opportunities available to someone with a biology PhD or Postdoc experience.

See below for details on our confirmed speakers so far, the complete schedule for the first semester of 2023 is coming soon!

If you would like to submit your own idea for a talk or would like to volunteer to speak, please use the form at the bottom of this page. 


January, 18th  at 12 pm (UK time)

A career in  Academic Publishing




February, 23rd at 5 pm (UK time)

Careers in  Technology Transfer




March, 3rd at 1 pm (UK time)

Moving to careers in Environmental Sciences and the Civil Service




April, 4th at 1 pm (UK time)

How mentoring/coaching changed my scientific career




May, 18th at 4 pm (UK time)

Title - To be Confirmed

* Booking will open soon!


June, 19th     at 1 pm (UK time)

 Careers in Marine Consultancy and Research

* Booking will open soon!

Suggestion Form: Careers and Coffee

If you would like to volunteer to give a talk, know someone who would be suitable, or have a suggestion of a job/career you would like to hear about - then get in contact by filling out the form below.