31 Mar 2022

Digital Tools to Teach Laboratory Skills

Can you help?

Do you use, or plan to use, digital tools to teach laboratory skills? If so your opinions could help a new multi-institution research project, looking at ways of using digital tools to teach laboratory skills in the biosciences.

They've recently launched a survey to understand how digital tools have been used (or plan to be used) by colleagues in this area.

If you think you can help with this research, please complete the survey linked below.


This survey aims to understand how digital resources:
1. have been used within the past five years to support the teaching of laboratory skills in the biosciences.
2. might be used to support the teaching of laboratory skills in the next five years
The survey is being conducted by Dr Chris Randall, Dr Aysha Divan, and Dr Erika Shilling (University of Leeds), working in partnership with a consortium of other European universities. The information you provide in this survey will help to innovate e-learning resources, which will be freely available for use by you and all Higher Education Institutions within Europe.
The survey should take approximately ten to twenty minutes to complete. You can complete this in several sessions.
The survey and additional project information are accessed via the following link.
For reference, ethical approval for this study has been obtained from the University of Leeds Faculty of Biological Sciences Research Ethics Committee (ref BIOSCI 19-030).
Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide us with this.

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