18 Aug 2022
by Rebecca Ellerington, Ana Colombo

Mentoring Scheme and Birthday Grant for SEB members

The SEB Centenary Mentoring Scheme and the SEB Birthday Grant are open for applications now


If you feel that you could benefit from some guidance, or you would like to pass on your knowledge, mentoring could be for you!

The SEB Centenary Mentoring Scheme is open for applications now and will run for one year starting with a free training session in November 2022.  It’s a great opportunity to connect to others and develop your skills.  Learn more or register your interest at the link below.



What is mentoring?

Mentoring works through conversations between a mentor and mentee, to support a mentee’s development.  Mentors can offer invaluable guidance and support from a position of experience.

All mentors and mentees will receive free training and support throughout the process. You can check some of our frequently asked questions here. 

What are the benefits?

The scheme is designed to help support the personal development of both mentors and mentees.  Benefits include: 

  • Learning new skills (applicable beyond the scheme)
  • Defining and working towards achieving goals (for mentees)
  • Developing networks and friendships
  • Supporting other’s development (for mentors)

I’m interested!

Please register your interest using the button below before 30th September 2022.  The scheme is open to a maximum of 300 participants.


The SEB Birthday Fund can provide up to £500 per event to assist with the independent organization of a scientific meeting, networking event, single lecture, or small events such as postgraduate research days to help celebrate the SEB centenary year. 

Applications for sponsorship of relevant scientific meetings or events that are cross-institutional and regional and student-focused will be looked upon more favorably. 



P.S. Did you know 2023 marks 100 years of the SEB? Check the events, initiatives, and grants we have to offer now!