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The Society for Experimental Biology welcomes nominations from members for the following Trustee positions that become available in July 2023:

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know please complete the forms available at the links below:

The deadline for nominations is 14th April 2023. 

If only one nomination is received for any of the above positions, then that candidate will deem to be elected to the Council unopposed. 

An election process will be instigated if more than one nomination is received for each position.



We would also like members to endorse the formal appointment of two current incumbents who are eligible for election and willing to serve:

Dr Felix Mark who has served as the interim Animal Section Chair in 2022 and is eligible to take up the appointment formally in 2023.

Professor John Love who has served as the Treasurer for a full first four year term and is eligible to serve a second four year term.

Both members have done an excellent job and we would like to appoint them unopposed with the agreement of the membership; however our Articles of Association require us to make a call for nominations for these posts. The nomination forms for these two positions can be found below.




Whilst the appointment of the President/Vice President of the Society is reserved for the decision of Council the Society would also like to invite members to nominate an individual with a background in animal biology for the position of: 

  • Vice President (2 years at Vice President and then 2 years as President)

Please complete the form via the link below:


About the Council:

The SEB Council serves as the Trustee Board for the Society. The SEB is both a charity and a company limited by guarantee.  As a member of Council you will be a Trustee of the charity and a director of the company.

The Vice-President is nominated by each section in turn and is then appointed by Council. The appointment is for two years and then the Vice President is appointed President for a further two years.

The other positions are nominated by the membership and then elected by the members of the Society.

Eligibility of candidates:

A candidate for election to Council must be a member of the Society in the Student, Career, Scientist, Full or Retired Class of membership and a natural person aged 16 years or older. 

Candidates will not be eligible for election if they would be disqualified for any of the reasons set out below.  If the candidate:

2.1     is subject to a bankruptcy order or interim order or he/she has made any arrangement or composition with his creditors;

2.2     is suffering from mental disorder;

2.3     is disqualified from acting as a Trustee under any statute or is prohibited by law from holding office;

2.4     is directly or indirectly interested in any proposed or actual transaction or arrangement with the Society and fails to declare the nature and extent of his interest as required by section 177 of the Companies Act 2006. 

As a Trustee you will be expected to declare all and any conflicts of interest and complete the Charity Commission for England & Wales Trustee Eligibility Declaration.

Eligibility to nominate

All members of the Society are eligible to nominate individuals for vacant Council positions.

Eligibility to vote

All members of the Society are eligible to vote in any elections arising in the appointment of Trustee positions advertised (aside from the position of President; that decision rests with Council).



3 March                    Announcement of vacant Trustee positions and call for nominations/applications.

14 April                   Closing date of nominations/applications

21 April                    If required, the election process will begin. Voting will be open for 3+ weeks

19 May                     Voting closes

01 June                    SEB Council meeting

4-7 July                     Announcement of Trustee positions at the Centenary Conference

 The Vice-Presidency rotates between the three scientific Sections of the Society: Animal; Plant; and Cell.