Council Council

  • Responsible for the strategy of the Society and ensures the SEB meets its legal requirements
  • Twelve members (eight members must be present to be quorate)
  • Chaired by the President

Ad hoc time-limited working groups Ad hoc time-limited working groups

  • Dealing with strategic development projects
  • Formed as and when required

Events committee Events committee

  • Makes all decisions on SEB scientific conferences
  • Includes all Section Chairs, Vice-President, Treasurer, CEO and the Events Manager
  • Five members of this Committee must be present to be quorate
  • Chaired by the Vice-President

Scientific sections Scientific sections

  • We have three Scientific Sections: Animal Biology, Cell Biology and Plant Biology
  • Each Section is responsible for planning the science or member-enhancing activities offered at our scientific meetings and agreeing joint meetings with other Societies or groups
  • Responsible for establishing scientific interest groups within Sections representing the interests of members, and the co-ordination of those interest groups

Outreach, Education and Diversity Outreach, Education and Diversity

Outreach, Education and Diversity (OED) are key themes and values within the organisation for the benefit of its members and, ultimately, the whole of society itself.

These values run through the SEB's Animal, Cell and Plant sections and our OED manager works with two OED trustees to engage our members in science communication and public engagement, support their personal and professional career development, and champion equality, diversity and inclusivity in the representation of members across the activities of the society and in the wider arena of experimental biological sciences. Three member-led working groups also provide a forum to empower our members in the following key areas:

  • The outreach group has a focus on science communication and public engagement within experimental biology and a role in encouraging the next generation of scientists
  • The education group has a focus on innovative and inclusive bioscience education and pedagogical methods, helping to disseminate best practice and innovation in teaching and learning
  • The diversity group aims to promote an inclusive environment at the SEB and improve diversity in science and academia more widely

Publications committee Publications committee

  • Responsible for co-ordinating strategy of all Society publications
  • Includes one representative from each of the Scientific Sections
  • Chaired by the Publications Officer

Audit and risk committee Audit and risk committee

  • Reviews the Society’s risk register to ensure it remains up to date
  • Monitors the performance of the Society’s investments and works with our Investment Managers
  • Works with our external auditors to produce Society accounts for approval by the Council
  • In attendance: three independent members, Honorary Treasurer, CEO and auditors
  • Chaired by one of our Independent Members