Poster Printing



Poster printing

Poster printing on foldable fabric - only £45 including delivery to Edinburgh for collection. We will print your poster on our foldable fabric - supplied folded in an A4 sized plastic box - perfect for transportation ie no 3 foot poster tube and no air fees if flying!

Our normal price just for printing is £63 so the price negotiated by the organisers which includes delivery to Edinburgh is a significant saving. Fabric posters are also easy to reuse (unlike paper posters).



Poster sizes

Posters should be sized 84 cm x 118.8 cm (A0 portrait) for printing.


Logistics and collection

To send your posters for printing or design simply upload them using the uploader below. Please make the payment on the subsequent page and print the receipt for your records.


The deadline for submission is Monday 12th June 2023

This will allow enough time for Science Posters to print, label and send to the SEB secretariat and the SEB team will then take the posters to Edinburgh for distribution. On arrival at the conference your poster will be available to collect at the registration desk.


Please click   here to use this service 



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