The poster sessions will be on Wednesday 5th July from 17:15 – 19:15. Posters can be displayed for the full duration of the conference, but authors are encouraged to attend the live session to answer questions about their poster.

Physical Poster

The physical poster must be portrait and A0 in size, with the poster ID# in the upper left corner.

If authors don't have access to a large-format printer and will be presenting in person, up to 18 sheets (Letter or A4) arranged into 6 rows is acceptable, but they should ensure that it is legible.

There is no specific template for posters, but it's best practice to include the title, authors, and affiliations, clearly stated purpose, results, conclusions, and ensure that the audience can view/navigate the poster and understand the work without assistance.

Please prepare your poster according to the following checklist:

  • Orientation: vertical (“portrait”)
  • Size: one sheet only approx. 84.1 x 118.8 cm (this corresponds to A0 size)
  • Optional, if and only if you don’t have access to a large-format printer and you will be presenting in person: up to 18 sheets (Letter or A4) arranged into 6 rows is acceptable – if you choose this, please make sure it is legible
  • The poster should contain the poster ID# (e.g., A2.43) in the upper left corner
  • There is no specific template for posters, however, similarities with typical presentation slides remain content-wise.  It’s best practice for the poster to contain
  • The title, authors, and affiliations
  • Clearly stated Purpose
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Your poster must be easily readable and comprehensible to the audience, allowing them to navigate and understand your work without requiring your assistance, despite the opportunity to stand by your poster and answer questions during the allotted time slot.


Online presentation

Poster authors will also be asked to upload a PDF of their poster online ahead of the conference, which will be available on the conference webpage for attendees to view. The online platform allows attendees to type questions about the poster at any time, and authors can reply at any convenient time. Authors can create a short 3-5 minute explanation/presentation video to accompany their poster. Videos longer than 5 minutes won’t be able to be accepted. Poster authors will receive a DOI, allowing people to reference their poster in articles/papers. If the data on a poster is sensitive, authors can choose not to submit a poster for the website, and only their name and poster title will appear there.

The submission of the PDF format will be arranged by a company called "Underline" on behalf of the SEB. To fill out the form, authors should have the following information ready:

  • Poster Title
  • Profile Photo
  • A short bio of themselves
  • Their poster ID (this will be in a format of A, P, C, APC or OED followed by a decimal number i.e “A2.43”)
  • Brief Abstract
  • PDF of their Poster that is a file size less than 5 MB


Free Poster Design and Presentation Workshops

Join our free two-session online workshop to learn how to effectively design and present an engaging academic poster. You'll learn how to think like your audience, the basics of graphic design, and how to attract and maintain their interest. The workshop includes small group activities, opportunities to try out your new skills, and receive feedback. By the end, you'll be able to confidently design and present a poster. The workshop will take place across two sessions on the 16th May and 23rd May.

For more information and to book your free place, follow the link:


Poster Printing



Poster printing on foldable fabric - only £45 including delivery to Edinburgh for collection. We will print your poster on our foldable fabric - supplied folded in an A4 sized plastic box - perfect for transportation ie no 3 foot poster tube and no air fees if flying!

Our normal price just for printing is £63 so the price negotiated by the organisers which includes delivery to Edinburgh is a significant saving. Fabric posters are also easy to reuse (unlike paper posters).



Poster sizes

Posters should be sized 84 cm x 118.8 cm (A0 portrait) for printing.

Logistics and collection

To send your posters for printing or design simply upload them using the uploader below. Please make the payment on the subsequent page and print the receipt for your records.

The deadline for submission is Monday 12th June 2023

This will allow enough time for Science Posters to print, label and send to the SEB secretariat and the SEB team will then take the posters to Edinburgh for distribution. On arrival at the conference your poster will be available to collect at the registration desk.

Please click   here to use this service