Wine and wisdom trail

Date: Tuesday, July 4th from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Price: Free with your conference registration

Take a journey through the last 100 years of SEB history with the Wine and Wisdom Trail. This fun-filled wine trail features quiz questions, and each sponsor has the answer. As participants travel from stand to stand, they can sample a glass of wine while discovering the answers to the questions. A twist on our wine trails from previous SEB conferences, and back by popular demand!

Engage with our sponsors and exhibitors, sip a glass of wine or a refreshing soft drink, and test your SEB history knowledge. Let the Wine and Wisdom Trail enhance your conference experience and forge new connections with fellow attendees.  

•             Explore the conference venue and visit each exhibitor booth listed below.

•             Engage with exhibitors, learn about their contributions, and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or a soft drink.

•             Collect the answers to the quiz questions from each exhibitor, filling in the corresponding blanks on this sheet.

•             Immerse yourself in SEB’s rich history making connections with other attendees along the way.


Plant-DiTech, functional phenotyping Plant-DiTech, functional phenotyping

Which famous science fiction author was a founding member of the SEB? 

Loligo® Systems Loligo® Systems

Where was the first international SEB meeting held? 

LI-COR environmental LI-COR environmental

What are the names of the three scientific sections of the SEB? 

SEB membership SEB membership

How many members were part of the SEB in 1975? 

PhenomUK Research Infrastructure Scoping Project PhenomUK Research Infrastructure Scoping Project

Where was the SEB 50th-anniversary meeting?

SEB Centenary SEB Centenary

When was the SEB founded? 

Qubit Systems Inc. Qubit Systems Inc.

Who were the founding members of the SEB? 


In which year the SEB held its 100th meeting? 

Journal of Experimental Biology | The Company of Biologists Journal of Experimental Biology | The Company of Biologists

What year was the first SEB Annual Lecture Award presented? 

Star-Oddi Star-Oddi

Who was the first woman to become SEB President? 

EmbryoPhenomics, Plymouth Science Park EmbryoPhenomics, Plymouth Science Park

When was suggested the creation of “Special Interest Groups”? 

PCR Biosystems Ltd. PCR Biosystems Ltd.

The SEB 50th-anniversary booklet contains a piece about “The Origins of the Society”. Which of the founders wrote it up? 

Royal Society Publishing Royal Society Publishing

100 years of SEB history are saved in archive boxes. How many are they? 

Hansatech Instruments Ltd Hansatech Instruments Ltd

Who wasn’t/isn’t the editor-in-chief of Plant Direct (PD)? 

Oxford University Press Oxford University Press

Which was the first SEB Journal to be published? 

SEB Journals SEB Journals

How many scientific journals does the SEB own? 

American Society of Plant Biologists American Society of Plant Biologists

When was the SEB meeting where Alan Turing gave the talk “Chemical waves in morphogenesis”? 

Nordic Society Oikos Nordic Society Oikos

Which SEB journal is celebrating its 10th-anniversary this year?