C1 - Local and Higher Order Nuclear Structural Organization and Dynamics


Session Length

4 days (Tuesday 4th-Friday 7th July)



Session Description

The field of nuclear structure and epigenetics is rapidly developing. Great progress has been made in identifying key components and interactors and in understanding processes of gene regulation in development and disease.

This session will bring together animal, plant and fungal biologists thereby providing opportunity for the kind of advances that result from comparative biology as well as technique sharing and advice.

The Session will be broken down into several subtopics:

1) Historical Keynote Talk on the Nuclear Envelope and Nuclear Organisation Across a Range of Species

2) Nuclear Envelope in Evolution

3) Nuclear Mechanics

4) Genome Reorganisation in Adaptive Responses and Cell Division

5) 3D Genome Organisation and How It Translates to Transcriptional Control

6) Local Chromatin Folding, Epigenetics and Phase Separation 7) Computational Modeling of Nuclear Structure and Genome Organisation


Session Aims & Objectives

1) Bringing together leading researchers, PhD students and ECRs to inspire future work and establish new collaborations across phyla and across disciplines.
2) Presenting advanced techniques in the study of nuclear structure and function in animals, plants and fungi to equip and inform future work.
3) Effecting uniform standards in methodology for comparing aspects of genome organisation across phyla.
4) Providing a detailed overview of current knowledge in the field for non-specialists. 

C2 - Big Data Biology

Session Length

1 day (Thursday 6th July)

C3 - Cell Cycle session


Session Length

2.5 day sessions to take place across the week (Wednesday 5th-Friday 7th July)

ACPO1 - 100 years of SEB

Session Organiser


Session Length 

2 days ( Tuesday 4 – Wednesday 5 July 2023 )

Session Description

As we look back on 100 years of the SEB, this special session aims to celebrate the rich history of experimental animal biology that has been a hallmark of the society. The session will provide homage to the science and scientists that have paved the way within central topics of comparative physiology including, biomechanics, ecophysiology, cardio-respiratory physiology, neuro-biology, temperature physiology, osmoregulation, endocrinology and conservation physiology. All presentations will be delivered by outstanding invited speakers who will aim to connect the historical legacy of their research topic to their current research programs that exemplify state of the art experimental animal biology.


Session Aims and Objectives

The goals of this session are: i) to provide a historical perspective on some key topics of experimental animal biology; ii) to showcase its legacy in terms of the outstanding related research that is currently being carried out by modern leaders in the respective field. 






AC1 - Thermoregulatory and metabolic adaptations in a changing world


Session Length

1 day (Wednesday 5th July)


Session Description

This session will aim at presenting the latest discoveries and findings in the field of thermoregulation and thermal adaptations of animals enabling them to cope with environmental fluctuations as well as cover the ecological evolutionary implications of thermal responses of species living in a seasonal world. The one-day session aims to highlight the broad scope of thermal and energetic animal adaptations across a large diversity of both endotherm and ectotherm species, i.e. from mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects.


Session Aims & Objectives

The following aims and objectives will be addressed at the session:
1. Exposing, developing, and discussing results, ideas and concepts on thermoregulation and adaptive thermal and energetic responses used by species  to face environmental challenges.
2. Detailing the implications of the nature and the limits of the thermal and energetic responses in the context of climate change and global warming.
3. Exposing the use of various techniques and methods to assess thermoregulation at both the whole-body and tissue/cellular levels.


CP1 - General cell and plant biology

Session Length

Poster session (Wednesday 5th July)


The Centinary conference will take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre The Exchange, 150 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8EE