SEB themed lectures Propose a talk

The themed webinars have been suspended in 2023 because of the Centenary events. Please keep sending your suggestions, as we will continue it for 2024.


SEB themed lectures Propose a talk



Over the coming year, the SEB is introducing a new virtual lecturer series themed around significant dates or holidays in the calendar. The aim is to have short 30-minute talks (followed by audience Q&A) that have a broad interest and will be engaging for all members and interested parties, no matter their background or career level.

If you have would like to present or know someone who would please get in contact at   [email protected].

If you already have a good idea of the format for the talk, then please include the speakers name, title for the talk, and a short abstract or key take-away points, and available dates. If you have a more general idea for a talk, topic or would just like to know more, then we would also love to hear from you.

Please see a list of suggested themes below, but we will also welcome other theme suggestions.



Link and suggestions

World wetlands day

2nd Feb

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

11 Feb

Lunar New Year

12th Feb


Valentines Day

14th Feb


Pancake Day/Start of Lent

16th Feb

Food storage mechanisms or fasting responses

World Wildlife Day

3rd March

World Book Day

4th March


International Women’s Day

8th March


Mothering Sunday (UK)

14th March

Maternal Instincts

St Patricks Day

17th March

Irish Fauna and Flora

Global Recycling Day

18th March


World Water Day

22nd March

April Fools Day

1st April

Male Giant Australian Cuttlefish can fool rival males into thinking they are female to get closer to potential mates

Star Wars Day

4th May

Experimental Biology on the international space station.

World Migratory Birds Day

8th May

International Day of Families

15th May


Biological Diversity Day

22nd May


Global Day of Parents

1st June


World Environment Day

5th June


World Oceans Day

8th June


World left-handed Day

13th August

Did you know most kangaroos are left-handed?

World Space Week

4th October


World Food Day

16th October

Experimental Biology and Agricultural Advances


31st October


International Week of Science and Peace

8th November


World Soil Day

5th December

Mountain Day

11th December


Winter Solstice

21st December



25th December

In 2020 we heard about Polar bears in a changing climate, and recovery options for woodland reindeer.