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James Bancroft James Bancroft

James Bancroft is the Cellular Imaging Core Facility Manager at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, UK. James has a background in mitotic cell biology and advanced microscopy.

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Daphne Bazopoulou Daphne Bazopoulou

Daphne Bazopoulou is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Crete. She works in the Biology of Stress and Aging Lab, which investigates the effects of redox signalling on aging, health and disease. Daphne was awarded the SEB’s 2021 President’s Medal for the Cell Section.

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Jani Bolla Jani Bolla

Jani Bolla is a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK. The Bolla lab studies the molecular mechanisms of large protein machineries involved in transport across biological membranes using structural tools. Jani is a Fellow of The Plant Journal.

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Ben Engel Ben Engel

Ben Engel is an Assistant Professor at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel, Switzerland. He leads the Cell Architecture Lab which uses cryo-electron tomography to visualize molecular complexes inside native cells, providing new insights into how organelles are built.

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Yangnan Gu Yangnan Gu

Yangnan Gu is an Assistant Professor and newly established group leader in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. His lab studies the nuclear envelope and the roles of nuclear membrane proteins in plant immunity and stress responses. Yangnan was awarded the SEB’s 2023 President’s Medal for the Cell section.

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Katherine Helliwell Katherine Helliwell

Katherine Helliwell is a molecular microbiologist based at the University of Exeter and the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, UK. The Helliwell Lab studies the fundamental biology and environmental responses of photosynthetic marine microbes. Katherine was awarded the SEB’s 2022 President’s Medal for the Cell Section.

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Iain Johnston Iain Johnston

Iain Johnston is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and the Computational Biology Unit at the University of Bergen, Norway. He leads the Stochastic Biology group which combines mathematical, statistical, and experimental approaches to learn about the biological world, with a particular focus on the bioenergetic organelles: mitochondria and chloroplasts. Iain was awarded the SEB’s 2019 President’s Medal for the Cell Section.

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Charlotte Pain Charlotte Pain

Charlotte Pain is a Leverhulme Trust-funded Early Career Research Fellow working in the Plant Endomembrane group at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Her research is focused on developing image analysis methods that enable quantification of the plant endoplasmic reticulum and identification of novel ER shaping proteins.

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Richard Tennant Richard Tennant

Richard Tennant is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK. His research focusses on understanding microbial diversity in a range of natural and industrial environments. He uses conventional and imaging cytometry alongside NGS techniques in his work. His team utilises portable, long-read sequencing devices to allow for rapid analysis in the field.

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