Funding for Satellite Meetings

Upcoming deadline: 1 march 2021

SEB Members can submit proposals and funding request to organise an SEB satellite meeting, which would take place before or after an SEB meeting (i.e. the SEB Conference).  Each of the SEB Sections (animal, plant, cell) is allocated £5,000 each per year for this purpose.  Your proposal and funding request for a satellite meeting can be submitted to the relevant SEB section (animal, plant, cell). 


A meeting is defined as a satellite meeting based on its location, timing, and the overlap of the intended audience with that of an SEB meeting as follows:

  • Location: a satellite meeting is educational and is usually held in the same location as the SEB meeting to which it is attached
  • Timing of the meeting: the meeting needs to take place within two days before or immediately after the conclusion of an SEB meeting
  • Scientific topic: satellite meetings would be expected to enhance the SEB meeting. The scientific topic covered by the meeting should be of interest to the audience of the SEB meeting. Hence a satellite meeting will need to provide an introduction to or continuation of the scientific content covered in the SEB meeting to which it is attached.


  • Applicants for satellite funding must be members of the SEB
  • the scientific topic of the proposed meeting must provide an introduction to or a continuation of the science covered at the SEB Meeting to which it is attached


Upcoming Application deadline: 1 March 2021

  • SEB Conference: applications for a satellite meeting attached to the SEB Conference must be made by 1 March in the year prior to the Conference taking place (i.e. the SEB Conference takes place in June/July each year). 
  • SEB Symposia: applications for satellite meetings attached to an SEB symposia must be made at least 6 months before the SEB symposia meeting is due to take place.

This funding is very popular so we recommend that you apply as soon as you can.


To apply for satellite funding, complete a Satellite Meeting Funding Application Form and submit it by email

Applications for satellite meetings can be made to be organised with the following SEB upcoming Annual Meetings:

  • SEB Conference 2022 (proposals for animal, plant and cell biology meetings are currently being accepted for the 2022 Annual Conference in Montpellier). Please Note: . The SEB 2021 Conference will take place virtually from 29th June - 8th July.

Tips for Applicants

To help you maximise your chance of funding as well as guidance on what makes a good satellite meeting, take a look at our Tips for Applicants.

Terms and Conditions

If your proposal is accepted, a number of Terms and Conditions apply including:

  • You will need to work collaboratively with the SEB in organising the meeting as follows:
  • - You will be the scientific organiser of the meeting and therefore you will be responsible for organising the scientific programme - the SEB will be responsible for organising the logistics of the meeting including: managing  abstract submission, registrations, advertising and publicity, budget management.
  • We have regulations on what our funding can and can’t cover.
  • After the meeting you must also send us a report on the conference

Read the full Terms and Conditions. These are also attached at the end of the application form.