Funding for events and meetings


SEB members can apply for up to £200 to cover expenses for an external lecture speaker.

Application Criteria

  • Topic: event topic must be within SEB's remit (within the remit of our animal, plant and cell biology sections or the remit of SEB+)
  • Event date: the event must take place at least two months after the application date
  • Applicant must be a member of SEB

Apply for funding


To apply for funding for a public lecture complete our University Public Lectures - Sponsorship Application Form and return it by email to


If you receive a grant for a speaker, you must:

  • advertise that the SEB is a sponsor of the event
  • distribute SEB publicity materials in delegate packs
  • display SEB publicity materials at the event
  • send us pictures of the event, with a short report for publication in our member magazine or website.

Get involved

The SEB offers great ways for you to raise your profile and connect with other biologists.

  • Organise an SEB meeting or session
  • Nominate a colleague for an award
  • Promote your in our newsletter and website
  • Become an SEB Ambassador
Get Involved