SEB 2022 annual conference


Deadline extended: Friday 30th July at 12 am UK (GMT)


SEB Members are invited to submit proposals and funding requests to organise sessions at the SEB 2022 Annual Conference. Your proposal and funding request will be submitted to the relevant SEB Section (animal, plant, cell).

The SEB Conference takes place over 4 days and a total of 72 half day sessions are being organised for the duration of the conference.

For each half day session organised, the SEB offers free registration for two invited speakers, as well as up to £500 to assist with invited speaker travel expenses.

Proposals can be submitted within the following themes. 


The SEB Cell Section is looking for proposals from Cell Section members within the following themes: 'Modelling and in silico biology' and 'Emerging Technologies'. 
Experimental Cell Biologists are always at the forefront of developing new techniques, whether experimental, in silico or modelling. SEB 2022 will be an opportunity to focus on new techniques, from cutting edge microscopy to innovative informatics. If you have ideas for a session discussing the latest approaches in cell biology in your field, we are interested to hear from you. Our aim is for SEB 2022 to showcase the findings of the very latest techniques and to give glimpses of the future of cell biology in all its forms. 


The SEB Plant Section welcomes proposals for sessions on plant biology topics at our 2022 Annual Conference. Proposals can be submitted openly within the topics covered by our Plant Biology Interest groups .  



The Animal Section would be delighted to receive satellite and session proposals for the 2022 Annual Conference. We welcome applications in the following areas but are happy to receive proposals in any area of the Animal Section Interest Groups:

  • Sources of individual variation: intrinsic and extrinsic factors
  • Reproduction and Life-Stages

  • Performance Capacity and Environmental Tolerance

View Full theme descriptions here

How to apply

To propose a session and apply for funding, please complete the Annual Conference Session Proposal Form. Return your form by email to with the subject line "Annual Conference Session Proposal" by the advertised deadline.

Download session proposal form

Terms and conditions

If your proposal is accepted, a number of Terms and Conditions apply including:

  • You will need to work collaboratively with the SEB in organising the session as follows:
  • - You will be the scientific of the session and therefore you will be responsible for the scientific programme - the SEB will be responsible for the logistics of the conference including: managing  abstract submission, registrations, advertising and publicity, budget management.
  • After the SEB Conference you must also send us a write-up on the session

Read the full Terms and Conditions. These are also attached at the end of the application form.

Raise your profile

"This funding was absolutely invaluable in being able to organise the sessions. Organising these sessions has resulted in significantly raising my profile and direct collaboration between myself and speakers at the sessions.”

- SEB Member -