Stefano Marras

Stefano Marras

Animal Ecophysiology Group Convenor

Stefano Marras received his Ph.D. in Animal Physiology from the University of Montpellier 2, France studying the causes and consequences of inter-individual variation in the locomotor performance of fish. After his Ph.D. Stefano was visiting Assistant professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, USA where he investigated on the social interactions between fish and biomimetic robotic fish.

Stefano is currently researcher at the Italian National Research Council (CNR). The main focus of his lab is the study of the effects of climate change (i.e. global warming, ocean acidification and hypoxia) on the physiology and behavior of marine vertebrates and invertebrates. Researchers from his lab use these data to predict animal distribution in future changing scenarios. They are also interested in the study of predator-prey interactions and the behavior of large pelagic fish.


Stefano Marras 
National Research Council  (CNR)
Institute of Anthropic impacts and Sustainability in the marine environment
Località Sa Mardini
09170 Torregrande
Oristano, Italy