Michael Berenbrink

Respiration Physiology Group convenor

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Sciences in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour at the University of Liverpool, UK. He obtained his PhD in Germany in 1994 under the supervision of Chris Bridges at Düsseldorf University. He then immediately took on a six-year position in the newly established group of Norbert Heisler at Humboldt University in Berlin. During this time he fostered collaborations and frequently worked in the lab of Mikko Nikinmaa at Turku University, Finland, and of Andrew Cossins at Liverpool University. In early 2001 he moved to his current position in the Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool.
Michael is an animal respiration physiologist with a deep interest in the variety and complexity of physiological mechanisms that animals employ to survive and thrive in their often harsh environments. His research combines an integrative mechanistic approach, directed at multiple levels of biological organisation, with an evolutionary perspective. Major themes in this research cover:
•    comparative physiology and evolution of vertebrate blood gas transport
•    mechanism and evolution of swimbladder gas secretion in fishes
•    molecular evolution of myoglobin from hypoxia-tolerant fish to diving birds and mammals
•    mechanism and evolution of haemoglobin aggregation and red cell sickling in non-human vertebrates
•    thermal limits to oxygen transport in fishes.
Michael is a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Comparative Physiology B and the Editorial Boards of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology and Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology–B. He has been a member of SEB since his graduate days in 1991.

Dr Michael Berenbrink
Institute of Integrative Biology
The University of Liverpool
Crown Street
Liverpool L69 7ZB
Ph: 44 151 795 4511