Annual Conference 2025 Session Proposal Form

Theme :   The Impact of Experimental  Biology to Tackle Global Challenges
Location:   FMCCA, Falander Meeting and Convention Centre Antwerp
Dates : 07/07/2025 - 11/07/2025

Organising The   Session

You will need to work collaboratively with the SEB in organising the session as follows:

  • As the scientific organiser of the session, you will be responsible for organising the scientific programme.
  • The SEB will be responsible for organising the logistics of the event and sessions, including managing abstract submission, registration, advertising and publicity, and budget management.
  • You need to work closely with the relevant Section (Animal /Plant /Cell / OED) and the relevant Interest Group Convenor.
  • You will need to abide by the instructions, timelines and deadlines communicated to you in the Session Organiser Pack. This you will receive upon successful acceptance of the proposal.
  • The SEB ethos is to include students and early career scientist talks in the programme and you will be expected to select some of your talks from postgraduate/early career researcher abstract submissions.

Funding Expenditure

In order to regulate how SEB funds are spent in relation to conferences or events, the organiser(s) agree to abide by the funding expenditure regulations below:

  • The SEB will manage funding expenditure with input from the scientific session organiser.
  • The funds must be used solely for covering the travel expenses of keynote speakers.

After The Meeting 

Up to 2 months after the event takes place, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • A write-up of the session of no more than 500 words, together with pictures, summarising the science presented during the session. The write-up should focus on current advances in the field present.











Please include details of possible speakers. The SEB ethos is to include students and early career scientists, and you will be expected to select some of your talks from post-graduate/ early career researcher submissions.

The Society for Experimental Biology is committed to increasing bioscience equality and diversity. Our work in this area permeates through all our activities, and we would like to ask you to be mindful of this commitment when proposing speakers. In particular, for SEB events, there is an expectation that 33% of speakers will be female, with a minimum of 25%. There should also be a fair career stage and geographical representation.




Please note reimbursement of speaker travel allowances will be according to the funding arrangements for the SEB Annual Conference. The SEB will cover the registration for two invited speakers. In addition, you will receive up to £500 to assist with the travel and accommodation costs for the two invited speakers.


Please provide details of other sponsorship the conference is expecting to receive.