SEB activity book 2024

This fun activity book is for budding scientists who want to learn more about the fascinating world of biology.

In this book, you’ll find:
1. Colouring Fun: Labelled Insect Picture
Grab your favourite crayons and bring this insect to life! Colour in the picture while learning about its different body parts.

2. Insect Counting Game 
How many insects can you count? Test your observation skills as you count each type of insect hiding in the picture.

3. Label the Parts of a Plant
It's time to learn about plants! Use your knowledge to label the different parts of a plant. From the roots to the leaves, every part plays a crucial role in a plant's life.

4. Discover Thermal Imaging
Learn about thermal imaging and how we can use special cameras and heat energy to find animals even in the dark. Can you match the thermal image to the corresponding animal photo?

5. All About Plant Cells
Dive into the microscopic world of plant cells. Explore the different parts of a plant cell and learn about their functions. Put your detective skills to the test and spot the differences between two plant cells like a pro.

Are you ready to explore? Let's go!