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18 March 2016

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Changing Our Spots
30 September 2015

The old saying “leopards never change their spots” may well be true in genetic terms, backed up by a wealth of scientific studies on coat marking patterns in big cats, and it may be true when applied to individuals, who are slow to change their real character. But for organisations, their visual appearance often needs to evolve to keep them relevant, competitive and distinctive. As we launch and roll out the new brand for SEB, you’ll see that whilst our look may be different we have not changed our DNA in any way!

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News From the SEB
30 September 2015

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SEB - positively charged!
09 July 2015

SEB is relaunching EPA, not only with the more dynamic name “SEB+”, but also to integrate its activities within and across the SEB sections. Meanwhile, the scope of the new SEB+ Section is being broadened to encompass four key areas: Teaching and Learning, Science Communication, Career Development and Equality and Diversity.