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How to build beautiful biochemical factories
30 October 2016

What connects insects sticking to the leaves of a tobacco plant and the production of the anti-malaria drug artemisinin? The answer is trichomes – the hair-like structures on the surfaces of plants – which once seen at high magnification in a scanning electron micrograph are never forgotten for their intrinsic beauty. But these beauties are, ironically, ‘biochemical factories’ involved in the production of secondary metabolites.

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New Phytologist Tansley Medal
24 October 2016

This is a prestigious award for early career researchers with a £2000 prize and the opportunity to publish a single-authored Tansley insight review in New Phytologist.

Leaf hydraulic conductance shifts our understanding of plant water transport
29 September 2016

Crops wilting in the field present a nightmare scenario, and on the face of it one we understand all too clearly. But plant hydraulic conductance is complex, and cause for considerable debate and controversy over the years as scientists have sought to reach a better understanding.

Plant peptides – taking them to the next level
22 September 2016

The recent Special Issue from Journal of Experimental Botany – Plant peptides – taking them to the next level – comes in response to the particularly fast-moving pace of discovery in peptide signalling. Together with Peptides take centre stage in plant signalling, in 2015, there is truly comprehensive coverage, with the characteristic focused reviews and latest research findings.