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Meet Prof. Subhash - SEB Ambassador for India!
30 September 2015

Meet Professor M.C Subhash our SEB Ambassador for India!

Vaidurya- thumb
Meet Dr. Pratap - SEB Ambassador for India!
30 September 2015

Meet Dr. Pratap our SEB Ambassador for India!

Practice makes perfect
12 July 2015

Being able to dive is what matters most for seal pups, but how do they learn to do it? Grey seal pups that can play in pools may have better diving skills once they make the move to the sea, and this could increase their chance of survival. Researchers at Plymouth University have found that spending time in pools of water helps seal pups hold their breath for longer.

Insect Legs
Insect legs give clues to improving aircraft design
09 July 2015

Insect legs could help engineers improve the safety of long tubular structures used in aircraft to reduce weight and in hospital equipment, such as catheters. Scientists from Trinity College Dublin are looking at how the different leg shapes of locusts, cockroaches, stick insects and bees bend and buckle when stress is applied to them.