Grants and Funding

Funding for events and meetings

SEB funds events and meetings organised by SEB members, supporting them in building extraordinary connections with fellow scientists.

Sponsorship for small conferences

If you are organising a scientific meeting independently or in collaboration with other organisations, SEB members can apply for sponsorship from us to help with the cost of the meeting. You can apply for up to £1,000 per meeting, and the total available each year is £5,000.

Satellite meetings funding

You can apply for funding to organise an SEB satellite meeting, which usually take places around the SEB Annual Conference.

You can submit your proposal and funding request for a satellite meeting to the relevant SEB scientific section: Animal Biology; Plant Biology; Cell Biology or OED.

Each section is allocated £5,000 annually for satellite meetings.

University public lectures

Members can apply for £100 to cover the expenses for an external lecture speaker.

Sponsorship for PhD events

We can sponsor PhD events in biological departments around the world. You can apply for up to £100 towards the expenses of organising the event, for example, the cost of refreshments.

There is no better way to raise your personal profile and develop networks than to invite interested parties to a meeting you arre organising.

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