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Talking the talk
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

One of the SEB’s great strengths is that its members represent all levels of academia – from established professors to PhD students just embarking on their research journeys. It is therefore fitting that the day preceding the Annual Meeting is traditionally focused on our early-career members. Caroline Wood gives a round-up of this year’s event which focussed on the art of effective communication.

Taking to the skies
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

‘On a wing and a prayer’ is certainly not how birds control their flight patterns, in fact quite the opposite. Research from the recent SEB Meeting in Brighton shows that, whether it’s during foraging, migration or everyday ‘gadding about’, bird physiology is highly tuned to help them to navigate all sorts of environments. Some of these mechanisms are even inspiring new aviation innovations which could be used in drones or other, as yet, unidentified flying objects.

A toolbox for communication
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

Whether you’re speaking at a conference or in a lecture theatre – taking some time to brush up your presentation skills will always pay dividends in maximising the impact of your message. At SEB Brighton 2016, we heard from some of the masters in the trade during the “Science Communication Toolkit” session.

Steve portugal-In txt
Spotlight on Steve Portugal
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

As the main organiser of the SEB “Cracking the Egg” Satellite meeting in Brighton this year, Steve is looking forward to welcoming egg researchers from around the world: “Eggs have a lot to offer many fields of biology, and understanding them has applications to areas as diverse as food security, evolution, biomimicry, conservation and many more” he says.