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Cheng-Yu Li
Travels with my grant - Cheng-Yu Li
Spring 2017
29 April 2017

n the poster session, I received a lot of valuable comments and suggestions on my current studies. I was lucky to get the opportunity to discuss my poster with the new president of SBN, Dr Rae Silver. Though her work mainly focuses on homeostasis and circadian rhythms in mammals, she gave me many valuable opinions on my research.

Caroline Lindholm
Travels with my grant - Caroline Lindholm
Spring 2017
29 April 2017

Apart from getting the chance to give my first ever conference talk, which was, of course, a learning experience in itself and an important goal in my journey towards a PhD, I learnt a lot about the avian brain and also quite a bit about avian genetics (and genomics). As someone who has only recently started looking a bit closer into gene expression in the brain of chickens in correlation with physiological changes in food-restricted conditions, this has given me a lot of new ideas about how I want to go about my research project, both in terms of some new measurements to include but perhaps mostly in terms of how to interpret and handle my results.

Conservation Physiology Logo
Fish in hot water
Spring 2017
29 April 2017

To inform conservation measures for fishes and improve effective fish management, the impacts of key environmental variables such as temperature must be understood. As anthropogenic factors coupled with global climate change have altered water temperatures, research has increasingly focused on understanding the mechanistic links between temperature changes and declines in native fish populations.

Brighton thumbnail
SEB Brighton 2016 session report: The role of individual variation in the behaviour of animal groups
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

The last year has seen a shift toward understanding individual variation in animal behaviour and physiology within the context of social interactions. Depending on the situation, social forces appear capable of overriding or even amplifying existing variation among individuals. Our exciting session explored the role of individual variability in the functioning of animal groups.