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SEB Brighton 2016 session Report: Dynamic organisation of the nucleus
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

The “Dynamic Organisation of the Nucleus” session was the first meeting of the SEB cell section special interest group “Nuclear Dynamics”. The focus of the 3-day session was to showcase the development of nucleus research in a wide variety of model organisms such as Arabidopsis, yeast, C. elegans, Dictyostelium, snails, trypanosomes, maize and mouse.

Alex Brand MRC1- TN
Spotlight on Alexandra Brand
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

“I love doing new things”, confesses Alex Brand, Royal Society Fellow and Reader at the University of Aberdeen. “I’m never frightened to take on something different and I think that’s always been with me”.

Ari- RS
Spotlight on Ari Sadanandom
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

By his own account, Ari Sadanandom was not a straight-A student back at the National University of Singapore, where he studied for his first degree. And yet, since 2011 he has been Professor at Durham University.

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Rising CO2 – It's not just about Global Warming
Autumn 2015
30 September 2015

Doing science in the laboratory has its own rewards, but doing science that helps change the world, that inspires people and changes the way they think is even better. That was the central message of the SEB+ Science with Impact session at Prague 2015, where four speakers told us why their research really mattered. This included tackling big issues, pushing to change global policy and inspiring people to use their science to make a difference. As the session chair, Alun Anderson, put it, “this is where we go beyond the science to its impact”.