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Biohaven- THUMB
Liquid Assets- Capital ways to save water
Spring 2015
28 February 2015

“Water scarcity and therefore access to clean drinking water is particularly important in semi-arid regions such as the Mediterranean area, but also in other regions where water demand approaches, or even exceeds, water availability. This includes large areas of Europe”

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Plant transport meets Synthetic Biology in Glasgow
Spring 2015
28 February 2015

The meeting kicked off with Hagen Bayley’s (Oxford) plenary talk on constructing tissue-like materials from networks of communicating droplets. Hagen showed how droplets can be endowed with biological functions such as energy storage and signal detection, inventively using 3D printing to generate networks with emergent properties.

In conversation with...John Love
Spring 2014
12 March 2014

I meet John in London where he is hosting the SEB Synthetic Biology Symposium. One of his postdocs introduces me, excited to present her fascinating professor. As the Chair of the SEB Cell Section, John aims to involve younger scientists in designing symposia and focus on their research interests.

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SEB Synthetic Biology Conference 2014
Spring 2014
02 March 2014

Many of the talks at the SEB Synthetic Biology conference began with the classic definition of synthetic biology: ‘The design or redesign of biological systems, circuits or parts.’ Throughout the conference however it was increasingly clear that this definition does not reflect the exciting reality of synthetic biology research and its applications.